NCA Entrepreneur
2023 2025




I grew up in a small business household in Alaska and launched my first business at 6 years old buying bulk candy and reselling individual pieces to my classmates. Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to serve my country in the military, earn an MBA from the University of Michigan, and coach my kids in rugby and football. Professionally, I’ve learned and led in multiple functions across the chemicals, financial services, e-commerce, and tech industries.


The focus of my search is the chemical sector in the United States. This is a growing industry with diverse applications in a wide range of end markets. Specifically, I’m searching for manufacturing, logistics, and value-added distribution businesses in the Midwest who are positioned to benefit from evolving customer demand for more environmentally friendly and less labor-intensive chemical solutions.


As an experienced people management professional, I have a track record of driving operational excellence and achieving strategic objectives across diverse industries. My expertise lies in leading cross-functional teams, developing high-performance cultures, and implementing effective processes that drive growth and profitability.

Throughout my career I have overseen all aspects of a business including sales, marketing, finance, and operations and been responsible for setting and executing the company's strategic direction, ensuring that we are delivering value to our customers and shareholders. I focus on building strong teams and mentoring emerging leaders so that everyone in the organization is in the right position to do their best work.

the main
thing is
to keep
the main
thing the
main thing.

Stephen Covey