NCA Entrepreneur
2022 2024



I grew up in Chennai, one of the largest cosmopolitan cities in India. I received a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering with Honors from a top engineering school and then moved to the US to pursue graduate studies with research scholarship funding.

I have over 25+ years of experience as an information technology leader with established public companies and venture-funded startups. I have created and launched innovative best-in-class IT products & services throughout my career and built many successful businesses.


My search focuses on the Managed Service Provider sector within the IT Services industry, targeting the US market. Opportunistically, I will look for tech-savvy MSPs that offer specialized high-value services, such as Digital Transformation Services & Managed Security Services.

My deep knowledge of the IT industry and leadership skills will help craft an exciting vision backed by a focused strategy and execution to transform an acquired MSP to create a high-growth business with a significant margin.


I have proven executive and leadership experience building successful businesses in the IT space. I have led many efforts in the IT industry, including enterprise software development, IT infrastructure/systems management, product innovation, and SaaS application development & deployment.

I have a deep understanding of a broad range of emerging information technologies. I am well-connected within the IT industry, including many successful entrepreneurs and executives of technology companies. These strengths will allow me to understand, analyze, and improve organizations and products to deliver success.

Genius is 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration.

Thomas Edison
a great American inventor & businessman.