Carlos Rodriguez

NCA Entrepreneur


I come from entrepreneurial families on both sides. My grandparents had family businesses, so I grew up immersed in the world of SMEs (Small to Medium sized Enterprise) and always had a passion for them. For that reason, I always dreamt of having my own business and after graduation, started my own farming, processing and exporting company. I then moved to Boston for my MBA and focus on entrepreneurship, where I learned about Search Funds and ETA (Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition). I then partnered with the owners of a leading Plant Health Care Company to manage, grow, and sell the business. Now that I have completed my first exit, I have the energy and knowledge to continue my entrepreneurial journey at a larger scale.

                Key Skills

  • Team Work
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Adaptability to uncertain scenarios
  • Problem Solving
  • Long Term vision


I want to acquire a great company and take it to the next level, enhancing the legacy of the previous owner. I have a passion for the green industry where I developed my career, and I will be searching in Plant Health Care, Landscaping, Agriculture, and Food Supply Chain

Geographically I will be searching in the US, where I have been living since 2015.

My contribution

I have already managed, grew, and sold a US- based company that was a leader in its industry, thus I have the experience to take a company to the next level. In my previous experience I leveraged my 12+ years as CEO managing SMEs.

Having developed my whole career in entrepreneurship and SMEs, I know how to optimize the limited resources these businesses have, compared to larger corporations- which has prepared me to be always “hands on” in every problem that might arise.

NCA Entrepreneur

The NCA Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition Program accompanies the next generation of exceptional talents on every stage of their entrepreneurial path.

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