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Novastone Capital Advisors (NCA) is a global company based in Switzerland that runs an Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition program.

Our ETA program is a highly specialized process that connects investors with talented entrepreneurs who are looking to locate, acquire, manage, and grow a privately held company.

We focus on mutual benefit, profit, and growth for all of our stakeholders.
Our program carefully selects talented individuals who are capable of operating and
growing a company through a proprietary Talent Identification and Selection Process. We also partner with the best business schools around the globe to source top-tier talented individuals that would fit our ETA program. When working with us, aspiring entrepreneurs benefit from access to capital resources and support in pursuing a direct path to owning and managing a small business; existing businesses benefit from succession solutions with qualified, funded entrepreneurs; and co-investors benefit from sound investment opportunities with historically high rates of success.

Search & acquisition process

Talent Sourcing 1

Talent Sourcing

Our program carefully selects talents (with an MBA/EMBA and ~10 years work experience) and our team supports them through every phase of the search and acquisition process.
All candidates who submit an application to become an NCA entrepreneur undergo a rigorous screening and selection process before being accepted into our program (read more about our selection process on our dedicated Candidates page).

In addition to accepting direct applications through our website, we also partner with the best business schools to source top-tier entrepreneurial talent for our ETA program.

Search 2


Talented individuals that are admitted into the NCA program initially raise a small pool of capital to finance a 24-month research project with the sole objective of identifying an acquisition opportunity with an existing business owner.
Our NCA Entrepreneurs are mandated to search for well-established, profitable companies, usually in fragmented industries, with an estimated enterprise value between EUR 10 and EUR 35 million. While each NCA Entrepreneur will conduct research in the industries they have pre-defined with their investors, our program was built with a bottom up approach. Please visit the below link for additional information about the type of companies we are looking for.

Acquisition 3


We know from our own experience what it takes to design, set up, and run a successful business. NCA actively oversees every step of the process and co-invests in each acquisition while supporting the sponsored NCA Entrepreneur, who takes on a managerial role within the company post-acquisition.
NCA supports entrepreneurs in our ETA program with due diligence and negotiations for acquisition once a target company has been identified. NCA Entrepreneurs then present the deal to investors and solicit a second round of follow-on funding to support the acquisition. Upon acquisition, a shareholder's agreement is put in place between all involved co-investors and the NCA Entrepreneur takes on management of the target company. A Board of Directors is set in place to further help create growth within target companies by maximizing existing talent, capital, and capabilities.

Value Creation 4

Value Creation

Post-acquisition, NCA Entrepreneurs typically operate acquired businesses over several years, managing the company for operational excellence, financial optimization, digitalization, and revenue growth.
Because our ETA program allows NCA Entrepreneurs to become the largest shareholder of the company during acquisition, we ensure our long-term commitment to the business legacy. NCA continues to support our Entrepreneurs through active involvement in the company’s management and advising on financial matters, while co-investors continue to offer transaction and industry experience as board members alongside NCA.

Financial rewards5


Our Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition program generates mutually beneficial financial rewards for all stakeholders.
NCA’s highly specialized ETA program offers co-investors the possibility to build a diversified portfolio of profitable and well-established companies, identified and managed by top-notch industry professionals in partnership with NCA. NCA Entrepreneurs benefit professionally by establishing a meaningful economic stake in an existing business legacy, and existing businesses can rest assured that we’re in it for the long haul, with NCA talent incentivized to optimize long-term growth as they become the largest shareholder.