NCA Entrepreneur


I'm a Mechanical Engineer by training, but my true passion lies in strategy, business development, and finance. Based in the vibrant city of Montreal, I've gained diverse experience in engineering, sales, operations, management, and consultancy.

Throughout my career, I've helped multiple SMEs scale, secure funding, and create value. My MBA thesis focused on leverage buyouts and private equity strategies for mid-sized companies, reflecting my enthusiasm to value creation.

Beyond work, I'm a proud father of three daughters and enjoy biking, running, and reading for relaxation and inspiration. I'm an active mentor in incubators and accelerators, supporting and being inspired by the next generation of business talent.

My entrepreneurial journey aims to acquire and grow my own business, with the ultimate goal of establishing a small private equity office.

                Key Skills

  • Strategic
  • Storyteller
  • Result Oriented
  • Leadership
  • Grit


I am primarily looking for advanced and light manufacturing, along with distribution SMEs. My search is centered on identifying businesses poised for substantial revenue growth and room for margin improvements through operational efficiencies.

Geographically, my focus covers Canada, specifically Quebec and Ontario, as well as the East Coast of the United States. Additionally, I am open to exploring opportunities in California.

My contribution

Drawing upon nearly two decades of experience in top-line growth, operational efficiency, business model refinement, and product development, I am well-prepared to drive the acquired company's expansion and success. My strategic acumen will aid in making informed decisions and navigating today's complex business landscape.

With a track record of increasing top-line revenue, I can effectively seize growth opportunities. My goal is to optimize operations, improve efficiencies, and enhance profitability, while my expertise in developing robust business models will establish a solid foundation for scaling the company. Together, these skills will empower us to achieve sustainable growth and reach new heights of success.

NCA Entrepreneur

The NCA Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition Program accompanies the next generation of exceptional talents on every stage of their entrepreneurial path.

Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.

John D. Rockefeller