NCA Entrepreneur


As an experienced entrepreneur, I've demonstrated my ability to identify and capitalize on profitable opportunities. My previous venture, Arora Project, achieved remarkable success returning 2.25X capital to investors and sustaining 200+ year-over-year revenue growth. I also raised and deployed over $125 Million in investor capital for our portfolio companies. With a team of 75 employees in three countries, I consistently grew EBITDA into the millions and successfully completed our M&A lifecycle leading to an 8-figure exit in 2022. My track record speaks to my capability in effective enterprise scaling providing potential investors with a strong foundation for their capital.

                Key Skills

  • Effectively Managing PNLs
  • Hiring & Motivating Teams
  • Building Operational Processes
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Data Analytics


My primary objective is to acquire a digital media agency and drive its revenue growth, leading to an acquisition (again).

My strategic vision involves positioning the company for a successful exit, capitalizing on the robust market demand from a several international acquirers actively participating in the digital media agency M&A sector.

My contribution

With a proven track record spanning the entire lifecycle of digital media agencies, from inception to high-yield M&A exits, I offer valuable insights and established connections within this industry. My goal is to engage in meaningful discussions with potential acquirers that are in my network to identify their ideal acquisition targets and valuation criteria.

The goal is to strategically acquire and position agency for a liquidity event. I have done this before, 2 board members of my previous agency have done this before, and this M&A exit strategy can be reproduced again. 

NCA Entrepreneur

The NCA Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition Program accompanies the next generation of exceptional talents on every stage of their entrepreneurial path.

A ship is safest in the harbor, but that is not what ships are built for.

John Shedd