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Lisa Piercey, MD, MBA is a physician executive with over 20 years of broad-based clinical and operational experience across the healthcare ecosystem, including ambulatory, inpatient, behavioral health, and post-acute settings, with a career-long focus on improving access to care in rural and vulnerable populations. Dr. Piercey served as Governor Bill Lee’s Commissioner of Health for the State of Tennessee from 2019-2022 and led the state’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Before her tenure in state government, she was in C-suite leadership of a $1.1B health system, serving rural markets in west Tennessee, southwest Kentucky, and northwest Mississippi. Dr. Piercey was raised in a family of farmers and small business owners, and she and her husband have four young adult children. 

                Key Skills

  • Rural healthcare strategy
  • Effective communication
  • Physician and employee relations
  • Crisis management
  • Health policy and regulation


Dr. Piercey’s target search industry is rural healthcare in the Southeastern United States, where fragmented care and barriers to access drive the worst health outcomes in the nation. Her motivation to be an entrepreneur stems from the opportunities she has identified firsthand to improve and transform the availability and efficiency of rural healthcare services.

Her leadership in private and public sector roles offers a unique vantage point into the industry and familiarity with the needs of multiple stakeholders. Growing up in the rural South, this work is deeply personal to her, driving a passion for finding solutions that sustain and enhance access to healthcare in rural areas and the economic development of rural regions.

My contribution

Opportunities for creating value in the acquired company include delivering value-based care arrangements to payors for cost-efficient care for older and sicker populations, preserving the independence and autonomy of SMEs experiencing consolidation pressures from health systems and national retailers, and providing a trusted off-ramp for business owners who are weary from both the recent pandemic-related stressors and the projected economic difficulties.

After the acquisition, the target company will almost certainly have immediate opportunities for value creation through instituting operational best practices, transforming inefficient processes, and leveraging technology to grow market reach.

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