NCA Entrepreneur


My name is Marcin Chruściel and I live in Poland. For over 17 years I’ve been gaining experience in managing technology companies at various evolution stages.

After obtaining my MBA from Oxford Brooks University, I took on the role of Managing Director at a Polish branch of an engineering company and for the next couple of years I participated in its growth both organically and via M&As. I am currently establishing a search fund within NCA to acquire and develop an SME and increase value for its stakeholders: founders, investors, employees and customers.

                Key Skills

  • Ideation
  • Analytical
  • Futuristic
  • Learner
  • Input


I look to identify, acquire, and grow a well-established engineering company based in Poland (or, opportunistically, in neighboring Eastern European countries).

I will primarily focus on the Industrial Automation and Robotics industries, and secondarily on the IT Services and Software sectors. I am passionate about the long-term approach to business relations, and believe they are a mandatory factor of a successful growth strategy.

My contribution

I was engaged with large organizations and with single founder businesses. Working for and with private owners, I learned the specifics regarding their companies and helped adopting them to the changing ownership structure.

I enjoy envisioning what the coming months, years or decades could, should or will be like. I instinctively create detailed and vivid images of what the future promises, and can translate them to specific actions which lead to making them a reality. I am not afraid of being held accountable of my vision, and will always back up my teams.

NCA Entrepreneur

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