NCA Entrepreneur


I am an engineer with a passion for travels and sports. I was born and raised in Bologna, Italy and in the past 10 years I progressed through the ranks in global companies. I can motivate a team, manage a P&L and leverage new technologies to enhance existing products and services. At this point in my career, I want to support a promising Italian SME and contribute to the recovery of my country. I have two children and I learn management lessons from them every day.

Core Competencies

  • High integrity
  • Achiever
  • Business operator
  • Hands-on
  • Inclusive


I am looking for an Italian SME in the B2B space.

I am particularly interested in industry automation, logistic and machinery. My ideal company has a strong legacy, a positive impact on its community and the willingness to embrace new technologies.

My contribution

Thanks to my hands-on attitude, I will understand and preserve the company’s legacy while ensuring a solid growth for the years to come. I know how to apply technologies to enhance a product offering and I am always mindful of the human factor.

I have a track record of margin improvement and years of experience in family-owned businesses. I have built global teams in operations and customer service, and I love to oversee client interactions daily.

NCA Entrepreneur

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