NCA Entrepreneur


I grew up in France and have since lived in the UK, China, South Africa, USA, Luxembourg and Switzerland. While becoming a real citizen of the world, I developed a wide expertise in the distribution business, at a time when the sector experienced major new developments, especially with the rise of e-commerce. I also founded my first company when I was 23, and now I want to combine my passion for entrepreneurship with my professional expertise through the acquisition of a SME in that specific field.

                Key Skills

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Industry expertise
  • Strategic thinking
  • Results-oriented
  • Long-term value creation


My focus is on acquiring a company in the consumer goods industry in France, Belgium, or Switzerland.

More specifically, I am looking for a company that sells B2C products or services, ideally through a dedicated distribution network.

My contribution

With my first-hand experience as a young entrepreneur when I built my first company, and the next chapter of my career in building successful B2C environments, I learned what it takes to lead large teams to high performance. I also learned that such an industry requires a lot of humility, as success is never guaranteed beforehand.

The company I will acquire can therefore count on my passion, skills, and hard work, but also on my deepest sense of respect for what has been achieved so far. My goal is to continue the success story of my predecessor.

NCA Entrepreneur

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